Private Tour Packages

Feel free to email us about any questions or concerns, but if you don't want to talk to us, you can always book a ten person, 90 minute charter by selecting the "Full Monty" ticket option (in the public tours box office) to book all ten spots on any public tour that is otherwise unsold.

All listed prices are for our most intimate boats (max 10 people) we have. We do have larger boats available however, but prices vary, so please contact us for a quote. 



90 Minute Charter - €250

Enjoy the canals of Amsterdam with your own private boat! Other people are great......sometimes, but there's nothing wrong with wanting a little space from other tourists. Float like a local with a boat and guide all to yourselves. You can determine where we go and what we see/talk about. This is the perfect option for families or anyone else that wants to ensure a smokeless (or extra smokey) boat and for any other special needs you may have.


3.5 hour tour - €500

Same spiel as above, but with a full 3.5 hours on the canals, we get to stretch our legs a little bit and go deeper into Dutch history and culture, while providing you with a broader scope of the city.


(3.5 hr) Brews Cruise - €500

Let Those Dam Boat Guys help you make your day-drinking seem classy! The idea is to give a proper tour around the canals, and stopping at various boat-accessible drinkeries you might not make it to otherwise! Whether you're a connoisseur of fine Belgian ales, stoked on micro-brews, or just love the hedonism of being carted drunkenly around from place to place in your own private pleasure-barge whilst we fan you with palm fronds and feed you grapes (costs extra). Sounds pretty good, right? We've destroyed our livers in researching this for you ingrates, so we can tailor a tour to meet your wants.