Friends of TDBG

Fuck you, yes we do have friends, please stop laughing.

Over the years, we've met, worked with, worked for, been jealous of, felt superior to, waged war on, and subsequently made peace with, countless amazing tour guides and a wide array of creative service providers that will help you to have an amazing Amsterdam experience. 

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Such a unique, beautifully intimate experience. If you’re a person that likes to really get to know the soul of the city you’re visiting, this tour is an absolute must-do. The idea behind Who is Amsterdam is that what truly makes that soft, gooey center of a city is the sum of its inhabitants, and so the only way to truly understand it is to hear their stories. Alexandra will take you to a slough of different locations to share some of these stories, and you’ll even get to meet two of the people who’s stories these are! The tour takes roughly 3 hours, and includes a slice of possibly the best apple pie in Amsterdam, along with two drinks.

Learn more about Who is Amsterdam and book directly on their website. Use the promocode “TDBG” and get a 10% discount. Do it, you won’t regret it.

Brews & tales -

Look, museums are great, sure, but there’s 75 of the fuckers in Amsterdam! That’s too many. It’s enough to drive a (wo)man to drink! Brews & Tales is a great way to get to know Amsterdam’s drinking culture, as well as shroud your alcoholism by masking it as a cultural experience! Everyone wins!…except your liver, but what’s that pos ever done for you? Rachael is an amazing, and very experienced drinking buddy, and will happily show you her favorite haunts while tapping into the age old tradition of getting drunk and telling stories; delighting your earholes with fun tales about life in Amsterdam and just about anything else you can think of. An absolute hoot.

Book a Brews & Tales tour via their website. You know you want to.

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Stuff what you tell me -

Despite being three of TDBG's longest resident pirate generals, Joe Wegecsanyi, Julian Smith, and David Cenzer, are actually pretty smart! These two transplanted Aussies and one Swede are well read, well traveled and well, just plain awesome. They've produced a stunningly interesting, intelligent and funny podcast about….you guessed it, the history of the Netherlands, exploring how a boggy swamp was transformed into an amazing, modern marvel of a swamp! It's mandatory listening for our staff, and highly recommended to anyone that doesn't suck…..and honestly, it might be helpful for those that do.

You can find it on whatever podblaster you use, but make sure to also check out their website which always has extra little tidbits on the revolution du jour.

Mystery city - 

This is an amazing way to explore Amsterdam's weird and wonderful (if not sometimes discombobulating) nooks and crannies! Mystery City is a series of puzzle games mixed with a scavenger hunt mixed with exploration mixed with historical explanation of our stunning city that makes for an incredibly entertaining 2 hours (depending on your skills). Fun but challenging! Strap on your walking shoes and thinking cap though, this is not for the dumb and/or lazy.

Find out more about it and schedule your experience here! Use the promo code AHOY for a 10% discount. 

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Mikes bikes

Biking in Amsterdam is not for the faint of heart, but if you're a comfortable cyclist, it's the best way to cruise around Amsterdam (other than boats....obviously). Mikes Bikes is the best shop in town and is happy to help with all of your rental, tour, and cool bike-related bits and baubles that make for sweet souvenirs! Knowledgeable, friendly, alternative-minded guides will take you through the city, countryside, and now into the dykes and villages across the river IJ, and all on super comfy bikes (by Electra).

Always best to book in advance through their website (here!), but always feel free to drop by. Tell em TDBG sent you! You won't get a discount, but they'll buy us beer!


Get Lost - 

Our good friend Aaron James Cole has been helping visitors and locals get lost and found again in Amsterdam for over 20 years with Get Lost! essentially the bible for alternative Amsterdam. Get Lost is like having a friend that lives local and is super eager to show off their favorite off-the-beaten-path recommendations. Amazing for everyone with all its hidden gems, but helps you avoid the inflated tourist spots that will gouge you, so especially valuable to the budget traveler.

Books are sold at locations all over the city, so just get in touch with us and we'll help you get your grubby little hands on one.

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Tom's Travel Tours -

The best in town for tailoring a custom itinerary to your holiday wants and needs. Their expert team provides a small, up­market and personal guiding service. Doing what they do best in house, and use a broad network of guides and companies throughout the city for the stuff they don't handle. They add that genuine and unique personal touch to your stay in Amsterdam (and the rest of The Netherlands) that really makes a trip special. They organise all kinds of private tours on demand and can arrange tours short tours if you just have a quick layover to full day trips and even multiple day excursions.

Check them out and drop them a line at

Logic Locks - 

If you're an escape room aficionado, skeptic, or uninitiated, Logic Locks is definitely something you want to do while in Amsterdam. Escape rooms are a dime a dozen these days, and many fall short of anything worth getting out of bed for. The Logic Locks puts together extremely well thought out puzzles that weave together stunning stories of mystery and intrigue. The staff are super friendly (when they're not in character), are just as into it as you are, which really makes the difference.

Check them out at


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