Boat Brew


Honesty time, we drink a lot of beer. Like a lot of beer. Regularly. Most of the good (and all the bad) ideas we've come up with have occurred in such a state. In the midst of one of our late night, grog-fuelled bullshit sessions, we decided that we should brew our own beer! Then we realized that we a) don't know how to brew beer, b) can't be trusted to follow through with anything, and c) could burn cold cereal we're such bad cooks. With all this in mind, we commissioned the boys at Mokums Mout to brew us up our own pirate punch! We call it Seabeggar after the group of Dutch nobles who fought for Dutch independence from Spanish rule during the eighty-year war.

Seabeggar RPA (or translated into pirate, Arrr.P.A.) is a perfectly crafted, unfiltered rye pale ale, brewed with citrus hops, so it’s perfect blend of malty and hoppy, but not too far in either direction. With its palate-pleasing flavour and nice citrus undertone, it’s the perfect beer to cool down you craft beer lovers on sunny days and keep you warm on cold days.

They're available for purchase at the souvenir shop
@ Prinsengracht 130, a few steps from our meeting point.