...but we know how it is, you've got shit to do! If you'd like us to provide some nibbles or dribbles, we've got a few perfect options for you. Again, feel free to bring whatever you'd like, it would be way cheaper, but if you want, we're happy to facilitate your laziness! You're on holiday! Treat yoself!



(from the bar)
All prices listed are including VAT.

We made a beer! Well, we paid people to make us beer. Same thing.

We call it the Seabeggar RPA (or translated into pirate, Arrr.P.A.), and it's a perfectly crafted, unfiltered rye pale ale, brewed with citrus hops, and so has a perfect blend of malt and hop, but not too far in either direction. With its pallet pleasing flavour and nice citrus undertone, it’s the perfect beer to cool down you craft beer lovers on sunny days and keep you warm on cold days.


That Dam Boat Brew!

€3 per btl

Box O' Beer #12

(12 Cans of Heineken)
€ 35,00

Box O' Beer #24

(24 Cans of Heineken)
€ 55,00

Box O' Beer #36

(36 Cans of Heineken)
€ 75,00

Bottle of Selected Wine

€ 15,00

Bottle of Prosecco

€ 19,00

Box O' Soda #6

(6 cans of Coke, Fanta etc.)
€ 12,50


(Spa, still & sparkling)
€ 1,50



Sushirritos by Poke Perfect

That's right. Half sushi, half burrito. A culinary mermaid! Essentially these are delicious poke bowls that are rolled up like a massive, burrito-esque piece of sushi. Super tasty. Super fresh. Just what a growing pirate needs. Well, considering how healthy they are, they're also good for the pirate trying to shed those few extra pounds/kilos/stones.

Below are the different options. Let us know via email what you'd like. Sushirritos must be ordered more than 24 hours in advance. 

Soy Joy (vegan)

Crispy tofu, sweet potato, mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper and zucchini topped off with crunchy onion, sesame seeds and our Sesame Me sauce.

The Witzel

Salmon, avocado, cucumber, spring onion and orange masago topped off with sesame seeds and our signature Poké Ponzu sauce.

Sriracha Spicy Tuna

Ahi tuna, avocado, carrots and edamame beans topped off with sesame seeds, spring onion, tempura crunchies and Sriracha Mayo sauce.

Smokin’ Six

Smoked chicken, carrots, sprouts and pineapple topped off with toasted almonds, sesame seeds and our Classic Soy Ginger sauce.

20160802-Poke bowls6173.jpg

Other Snacks

Snack O' Plate from Meneer van Dalen

Toothpickable deliciousness (Meats & Cheeses)

Price per person. (Minimum 10 people.)
€ 7,50

Dutch Style Sandwiches


Price per sandwich (Minimum 10)
€ 3,50

Holland's Finest Sandwiches

(Veggie or not..)

Price per sandwich (Minimum 10)
€ 5,00

Snacks and Drinks have to be ordered at the time of booking.

Date of Pricelist: Feb-2018