If you are planning to join us for the light festival, please read the below message.

So as to guarantee your comfort and our sanity during the Amsterdam Light Festival (1 Dec - 22 Jan), the 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00 tours will be on larger boats than our typical ones (~30 ppl). Because the weather is what it is in Amsterdam, we decided that for the festival IT WAS WISE TO USE THESE GORGEOUS, Heated, century-old, covered boats. Smaller boats (~12 ppl) are available for daytime as well as private tours.

THE LIGHT FESTIVAL IS STUNNING,  but if you are joining us for history more than fun, it might be best to book a daytime tour, as the light festival tours tend to be a bit more festive. Your guide will be more than happy to have a historical conversation during the light festival TOURS, BUT WITH MORE PEOPLE ON BOARD, it's harder to have the intimate conversations with the whole group that we've become known for.

Also, please note that some light festival tours are non-smoking. This will be clearly noted.