Amsterdam Light Festival

28 November - 19 January

Come get festive with us and join one of our Light Festival tours! Now in its 8th year, the Amsterdam Light Festival (or ALF if you can say it without giggling) has become well versed in adding even more magic to Amsterdam's already stunning canals. With twenty light-art installations from local and international artists (including two of our own pirates!) peppered throughout the city center, the Amsterdam Light Festival brilliantly highlights different aspects of Amsterdam's story.  We'll be cruising around in our cozy 10 person boats, with the roof and heater keeping us warm and dry!  If that ain't enough, every tour comes with complementary mulled wine... free booze!!

Please keep in mind, every tour after 17:00 is a Light Festival tour.  These tours tend to be a little more on the festive side than the historical.  If you prefer the latter over the former, best to opt for a daytime tour instead!

Whichever tour you choose, always feel free to bring anything you want to eat, drink and, if ya like, smoke!  

There is a €2.50 surcharge for light festival tours. This goes to the non profit Amsterdam Light Festival organisation.

Heads up! - the meeting point for Alf tours is different

Your ticket will have all the info needed, but click here if you’re curious.